Sleepy, who are the characters you keep drawing?

I made this Carrd to briefly explain the dnd ocs I draw like, 90% of the time. They belong to me and my friends.

Elias Salva

Half-Orc • Paladin • Lawful Good

Controlled, Devout, Priestly, Workaholic

Elias is a paladin in service to the Platinum Dragon. Entirely devoted to his temple, Elias lives by a strict code focused on protecting and helping others. He's even-tempered and prefers to settle disputes with logic and compassion rather than violence. He can come off a bit awkward sometimes, but he's a very sincere and honest person.

Knows: Zadiel, Rohan

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Zadiel Vauquelin

Elf • Wizard • True Neutral

Regal, Gentle, Aloof, Liar

Zadiel, known more often as Zade, is a traveling wizard in search of new experiences. Skilled in time & probability magic, Zade loves to stick his nose into whatever adventure interests him. While usually quite kind and mild-mannered, there's a slight ominous aura about him at times.

Knows: Elias, Rohan

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Rohan Britali

Half-Elf • Cleric • Neutral Good

Supportive, Cranky, Blunt, Caring

Rohan hasn't gotten a good night's sleep in well... years. Suffering from chronic insomnia has made him permanently ill-tempered, and he gets extremely offended when someone hurts themselves out of carelessness or recklessness. In spite of his prickly nature, Rohan can't help instinctively looking out for and caring about others.

Knows: Elias, Zadiel

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Chrys Maribrom

Human • Rogue • Chaotic Good

Confident, Independent, Considerate, Sassy

Chrys, formerly known as Chrystal, escaped from her stuffy noble life after refusing to act how her parents wanted her to. She snuck all around the underground of the city she grew up in, learning the ways of stealth and thievery so that she might become an adventurer. Chrys still enjoys the finer things in life and collects treasure from her adventures. She's in an adventuring group named the Tiny Tuffs with Hermes and Boone.

Knows: Hermes, Gunther, Fallthra, Cogsinker